Unemployment among Older Workers

Both the AARP and the Urban Institute publish regular reports on unemployment among older workers in the United States. See below for links to these reports.


January 2013: unemployment rate for older workers climbed just one-tenth of 1 percent to 6 percent. AARP Blog

November 2012: Jobless Rate Holds Steady For Older Workers. Bulletin Today

September 2012: Overall drop in unemployment does not extend to the older workforce. Press Release

June 2012: Unemployment rate dips for those 55+, but average length of unemployment remains more than one year. Press Release

May 2012: Good news is hard to find. Press Release

April 2012: Little encourage news for older workers. Press Release

March 2012: U.S. hiring slows; joblessness rises for workers 55 and older. Press Release

February 2012: No Change in Unemployment rate; however, the number of older people with jobs rose, as did the employment-to-population ratio. Press Release

January 2012: Unemployment Rate Hits 8.3 Percent After Hiring Burst, and older workers ride the tide of increased hiring Press Release

December 2011: Jobless Rate Slips to 3-Year Low, and older workers get a welcome slice of the action as unemployment rate drops to 6.2% for those 55 or older. Press Release

November 2011: Unemployment rate for people aged 55 or older fell sharply, from 7.0% in October to 6.4%. Press Release and Full Report

Urban Institute

April 10, 2012: "Unemployment Statistics on Older Americans" (updated) and Tables

Other U.S. Reports

March 9, 2012: National Employment Law Project " Economy in Focus: Long Road Ahead for Older Unemployed Worker" Issue Brief