End of the Retirement Age by David Kennedy

According to its publisher: This book "presents an optimistic exploration of the forces shaping the retirement landscape, the surprising economic opportunity of an ageing population, and the inspiring ways a generation is redefining retirement in pursuit of meaning, purpose and prosperity. You'll discover: Why retirement in its current form is redundant. How you can adapt to the changing retirement landscape, including tips and strategies to help you prepare. Why older Australians hold the key to Australia's economic prosperity. Inspiring stories from a broad cross-section of retirees. If you are serious about planning for life after work, this book will help you understand the challenges and opportunities of the new retirement playing field, while providing insights, stories and strategies to help you adapt and thrive in this new reality. The retirement age is over. What takes its place has the potential to be transformational."

Managing the New MultiGenerational Workforce by David Baxter

According to its publisher: "The most successful companies today are the ones that have mastered the leadership of the four workforce generations: Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and the upcoming Generation Z. This booklet provides an overview of how companies are grappling with workforce aging, generation-targeted workforce management strategies, and how to create a cross-generational learning organizations. A quick and easy read drawing upon the most recent statistics and research."

Unfinished Work: The Struggle to Build an Aging American Workforce by Joseph Coleman

According to the publisher: "Unfinished Work explores a world in the midst of a revolution that will have far-reaching consequences for present and coming generations. Coleman maps out the problems we confront, shows us avenues forward, and illustrates the dangers of inaction. The engaging narrative reveals how accommodating our aging workforce can usher in humane policies that benefit workers across the spectrum of age. Improving conditions for older workers is critical for ensuring success and prosperity for society as a whole for years to come."

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